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brandenburg organisatie
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Vision on meat

Consumer buying behaviour is prone to changing at the drop of a hat. Because of our fast economy and high prosperity level, we have become more mobile and are bombarded with more and more information. We also have more free time and spend it differently. As a result we lead fleeting lives.  

The market
Unfortunately, today's consumers have less and less understanding of meat products, let alone how to cook them. This could lead to alternative consumption. Oddly enough, suppliers are not very creative, which has produced a price-driven market. It is even stranger that the frequency of relevant product developments is decreasing. Real innovations have not been forthcoming. 

What we believe in!
We believe in an approach which allows people with a high level of prosperity, who are more mobile, receive more information, have more free time and consequently lead more fleeting lives to make a mealtime a moment to enjoy. Breakfast, lunch, the 4-o'clock snack, the evening meal, and evening drinks are all moments when people can enjoy eating tasty (meat) products. We regard these moments are special times in which ‘authenticity’ and ‘atmosphere’ play an important role. Offering a total experience is a key factor. 

What we do! 
Brandenburg Culinair believes in providing a culinary experience and specialises in creating culinary experiences with meat!