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Culinary Ham off the Bone

Our main speciality is culinary ham off the bone. Brandenburg first marketed this product in 1999. The raw salted top-quality ham weighing approximately 600 grams and suitable for home oven cooking became a hit overnight that was followed by the successful development of a wide range of enticing flavour variations. Now in 2015, Brandenburg Culinair's culinary ham off the bone is still very popular among Dutch consumers and we are the undisputed market leader. However, the fact that increasingly more people continue to buy this tried-and-trusted speciality every week because of Brandenburg Culinair's unsurpassed quality is much more important. 

What exactly makes Brandenburg Culinary Ham off the Bone so special?
The strict selection requirements for the pork, which we always buy in fresh every day, obviously play a role, but our culinary ham off the bone is special because we only use best-quality meat and pure, fresh ingredients and because of the professional skill of our butchers. 

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