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brandenburg organisatie
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Culinary Cold Cuts

Brandenburg Culinair excels in...... culinary cold cuts.

This product group includes classic Dutch roast beef, delicious butchers' choice roast rump of pork and a traditional and wonderfully smooth butchers' choice ham. 

Take our traditionally prepared chicken roulade for example...
Our traditionally prepared chicken roulade is sold and appreciated increasingly more often. It is made using all the parts of a chicken, and you can taste the difference. 

Traditionally prepared meat specialities
Our beef and pork are salted in accordance with traditional methods and our genuine horse meat sausage are imbibed with Brandenburg's rich history as a real butcher's shop and are sold by our customers as home-made meat specialities... 

Cold cuts are back in a big way...
Taste Brandenburg Culinair's traditional culinary cold cuts in the Culinovum, where we combine these meat delicacies with the latest market figures to help you select your assortment. We are certain that we will be able to influence your next order positively.