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brandenburg organisatie
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Culinary Roulades

Joints of meat are regaining popularity. The roulade revival is partly due to the top-quality products from Brandenburg Culinair. Because of our specialist knowledge, our assortment of culinary roulades comes with a guarantee of customer satisfaction.  

Popular flavours
Our assortment of culinary roulades includes numerous exquisite flavours, for example, the asparagus roulade, the Bruchetta roulade and other tasty variations.

Flexible packaging possibilities
After selecting your own assortment of culinary roulades, you can choose the type of packaging you want - MAP, shrink-wrapped, vacuum-packed for a long shelf-life or top-seal packaging.  

Low risk of spoiling
We can not only supply your roulades in attractive consumer packaging, we can also vacuum seal the meat in the packaging. This significantly extends shelf-life and drastically reduces the risk of spoiling.