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brandenburg organisatie
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Culinary BBQ specialities

It is only two years since Brandenburg introduced its BBQ specialities and figuratively hit the jackpot. Within this relatively short period, Brandenburg has managed to build up a sizeable market share in the BBQ segment with its a no-nonsense approach to catering to people's tastes based on 
the following pillars:

Super-fresh meat ingredients
Similarly to all its other products, Brandenburg Culinair only uses fresh meat ingredients, which give this innovative product line its sensational meaty flavour and brilliant colour. 

Marinades from our own kitchen
In the current market of standardisation and imitation, Brandenburg sets the tone once again by developing its own special sunflower-based marinades. And they are healthy too! And we know that healthy food is becoming increasingly more important for a growing group of people. The marinades from our own kitchen make healthy food even more delicious.  

Dutch packaging
Good products deserve excellent packaging. Our unobtrusive, but ultra-transparent vacuum film optimally displays the brilliant colour of the products. This packaging also gives the products a minimum shelf-life of 14 days. The above pillars guarantee the success of private labels. Furthermore, the steaks only take six minutes to cook. Ideal for a barbecue, but also great cooked on a griddle, under a grill or in a frying pan