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brandenburg organisatie
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Flexibility in private labels

Our expertise goes further than professional product development. Brandenburg pro-actively advises customers about their meat and cold cuts product range. Based on our own broad assortment, we can make private label products completely in accordance with the customer's specifications. We developed the Brandenburg '3-Stage Plan' especially for this purpose:

1: Choose your culinary meat specialities
Brandenburg Culinair works with certified suppliers, which enables us to offer our customers a consistent high quality. Together with you, we select the culinary products that you want and we set up a distinctive and unique assortment that we season exclusively for you. 

2: Choose your flavouring
Our product developers have a passion for meat and a natural obsession for flavour. The ideal basis for a meal should after all have a delicious taste, which is why we develop and produce our own marinades and blends of herbs and spices. Our innovative and exclusive use of herbs, spices, marinades and sauces provides you with an attractive assortment that will help you stand out from your competitors. We offer you a unique taste and image based on your own retail formula.
3: Choose your packaging
Brandenburg Culinair is highly flexible about order quantities and forms of packaging. We offer you the widest range of possibilities. You can, for example, present our products in a vacuum pack, a sleeve, wrapping foil, or a top-seal, aluminium or MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) tray. Our packaging possibilities are displayed on the adjacent page.