brandenburg organisatie
brandenburg organisatie
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State-of-the-art machinery

Being a professional butcher used to involve a large amount of heavy manual labour. Now in 2015, the same traditional craftsmanship is still needed, but the manual labour has been replaced by smart automation and professional production equipment. After all, being able to produce a few kilos of culinary ham off the bone is one thing, but producing hundreds of thousands of kilos per week with a consistent high quality right on time with the correct shelf-life is something else entirely. 

Ingrained in our strategy
Brandenburg Culinair's ongoing programme in the latest production technology is one of the seven strategic pillars that underpin the organisation. The technological lead not only makes us flexible, but also reliable. Our vision focuses on intelligent automation, which provides us with key information and a competitive edge in the market.  

Fresh day in and day out!
Having state-of-the-art production equipment in house enables Brandenburg to deliver the company's top-quality meat specialities as well as the products needed for unique recipes supplied by customers in any required volume with impeccable reliability. Fresh day in and day out!